I'm left-handed and awful at algebra. If nothing else, I am the poster-child for the quintessential "right-brained" creative. From writing, drawing, playing drums and media, I have always been in pursuit of the arts. I studied design, fine arts, music, production and post-production in college. Editing and motion graphics is where I settled and felt like I was finally 'home'. Is it possible that the appeal of having a couch in my office helped make that decision?…maybe.

After working various production and post jobs, in 2004 I was fortunate enough to land an editing job with a large political and corporate advertising firm in Alexandria, Va. 10 years later, I left and became a freelance editor and motion graphics artist. I am currently enjoying meeting new people, learning new skills and spending more time with my beautiful (and not-at-all rambunctious!) little girls, Isabel and Amelia.

At the end of the day, I fail to see a future where I’m not working in the creative field in some capacity. Let’s just say I doubt my 'fallback' career is in accounting.

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